October 5th was the day I made an exception to my rules: I met Simon Sinek.

I rule that I have is to never meet someone Ive admired for the following two reasons:

1. They will think you are just a groupie. This is why I will NEVER meet Shaq. I dont want to be labeled as a “fan” or “groupie”, I am more than that, so I never go up to  someone and just be like “hey, can I take a picture”. No, no, no…

2. Most of the time, the admiration I have is because they embody a principle, belief or value that I respect. However, I know that they are just humans, so I rather keep that idea of this “superhuman” than to be let down by finding out that either that they think too much of themselves or are just a fraud.

Now, with Simon I decided to make an exception to this rule. So what if he thought I was a groupie or what if he turned out to be a jerk? I’ll live with it, but something inside of me was telling me to just do it.

He was speaking at a conference in Atlanta, so I signed up and bought the airplane ticket in July.
Next was getting a place to stay, the Guerrero’s were so nice to pick me up from the airport and letting me stay with them (and they are just the best people I know). So on October 5th, 2012, I woke in a place where I wanted to be and that day had one purpose: MEET SIMON. 

Around 1:30 he gave his speech to 13,000 people. I was one of them. 
They had announced that around 3pm he was going to be outside signing books. Now, remember about not wanting to be a groupie? Yes, making that line for an autograph has “groupie” reading all over it. So what I did was skipped the session that followed and went outside. See, because I grew up behind the scenes of “conferences”, I just knew that he was going to be outside with his crew waiting for 3pm. So as I walked outside, lo and behold, Mr. Sinek was there — talking to some fans. But I wasnt just going to approach him and say “Hi, I think you are great.” I’m sure he gets that from everyone all the time, but there was something that I did wanted to ask.

I got a bit nervous because its really uncomfortable to me to approach people that I dont know (yes, the introvert person was screaming and crying at that time). Took a deep breath and walked right up to him, “Simon? ..” what followed was a great conversation with him and even a improptu hugged from his part.

For four months I had planned that moment.

I had considered all possibilities, counted the cost and executed each step to the best of my ability — and everything came out BRILLIANT!!

(Btw, I just need to add a side note here that Simon is a gorgeous man. Like seriously, I felt like Emma Stone when she saw Ryan’s abs in Crazy, Stupid, Love … “SERIOUSLY?”)

You know what was the feeling I had by the end of the day? I felt like nothing in this world is impossible. What was a wishful thinking back in July had become a reality, and it wasnt so hard to make it come true.

The sky is the limit. Go after your dreams!





  1. Hello Susan,
    I was looking up what Iglesia Gran Comisión is doing and wound up reading part of your blog. Wow! You seem to think different than what I remember. Just wanted to say “Hi”. Say “Hello” to your Mom and Dad on my behalf. I still live in Germany, raising 3 daughters. I’ll see if I can visit you all on my next trip. Take care, Héctor Julián

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