ImageSo many things have happened in the last 2 weeks that have made me shift my focus and priority, but thats life. NEVER EVER goes as you plan! Thats why to be flexible is a great virtu, and to be tolerant is a shoe in keeping it calm.

However, the beauty about life is that it never takes you away from your path, only puts a few bumps on the road to make you stronger. So as each day passed by, I still got lil reminders of my Big Exception.

So anyways… thats my Big Exception update but today I really wanted to share a secret:


What I love the most about this new store is why they began in the first place. They claim that designers clothes are marked up ridiculously high. They disagree with that and wanted to do something about it, so instead of selling a $90 t shirt (  http://www.goop.com/shop/goop-tee.html ) they are giving it to you for half or even less of that price. 

Ive bought a few (read: 6) already and I am a satisfied costumer… and because I believe in paying it forward –  I wanted to share this secret with everyone!

Check them out http://www.everlane.com. I promise you wont be disappointed and will save a few bucks.


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