The Secret

How many times have you set out to do something but never finished it? I’ve started so many good projects and never got to finish them. So when I set out to go after this big exception of mine deep inside I was worried that I wont accomplish it, specially, since a lot of it doesn’t depend on me.  I thought I would get discouraged halfway and just forget about it.

But I’ve surprised myself.

We are 34 days away from the big day and everything is in place!
Let me rewrite that for my own benefit:  I have consistently taken all the necessary steps to be ready for that grand day. All that I have left are what I called “bonuses” tasks, which if accomplished, put me in a better spot. But I am so dead on in everything its ridiculous and sometimes I cant believe it.

Why I didn’t fail this time like Ive done so many times before? The answer is simple, I REALLY WANT THIS. And so I found out that when you REALLY want something you WILL KNOW what to do and will find the strength to do it.

Theres really no secret or formula to accomplishing your dreams, you just need to REALLY WANT them and be consistent each day in taking those small steps that will get you towards the big prize.


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