My last, last, last obstacle has been overcome; I am on the right track for the big exception!

See, in order for the exception to happen in exactly 40 days, I have to be in another State.  Which means that I have to get a plane ticket (check, bought it 2 months ago), find a place to stay (check, I’m staying with wonderful friends), pay for a very expensive entrance pass so I can be at the place that I need to be (sometimes you gotta put your money where your mouth – or heart – is). And last, I need to take days off from work (spoke with my boss, I’m good to go).

Will all this guarantee me that I will get my big break? Not one bit.

I cannot control the outcome of things but I can put myself in a position where the probability of getting the outcome that I want will be really high.  

If you are waiting for your big break to come, please consider that you have to put in a lot of work to make it happen. 

Discipline. Consistency. Sacrifice. Time. Money. Focus. Faith. Prayer.

Don’t be afraid to do it. It’s actually a fun and adventurous ride. I promise.


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