ImageWhat are you going to do in 50 days?

Me? ….

I’m going to be WILLING
to make an EXCEPTION
to one of hardcore rules.

I am not talking about breaking rules because that sounds too negative. Rather, I hope to be READY to make a ONE time exception to one of my life long rules. Whats the rule, you ask? You’ll find out in 50 days.

For now lets talk a little bit about RULES. There are a bunch that we follow everyday at home, work, school, restaurants, city, etc.

However, I’m more interested at Life Rules. They could be simple ones like EAT SALAD BEFORE THE MAIN MEAL or more meaningful ones like BE GRATEFUL EVERYDAY.

Let me share with you some of my Life Rules:

– Do not combine fruit with meat (of any kind)
– Wash hair every other day
– Take one meaningful trip per year and one for pleasure
– Do not lie (and if you do, ‘fess up)
– Pray before going to bed
– Tithe every month
– Never go to the express line if I have more than 10 items
– Take a nap on a Sunday afternoon
– Be Grateful
– Once a month connect with a friend that doesn’t live nearby
– Serve without selfish motives
– Help others make their dreams come true
– Drink only water (exceptions are allowed when theres no water!)
– Buy only what you can afford
– Be Generous, specially when it hurts you the most
– If you get an idea to do something – DO IT RIGHT AWAY
– Stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone
– Never go to bed mad
– Only date men that you will want to marry

So pretty much this make up my Life Rules. Im sure I left a couple out, but these are the MAIN, MAIN ones. What are some of your Life Rules?

(ps. if you want to join me on my journey to making that one amazing exception dont forget to subscribe to this website!)


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